From MD's Desk

Mr. Bhushan Lawande

Founder & Managing Director,
E4 Development & Coaching Ltd.

The Indian industry has come a long way in the past couple of years with the impact of growth being felt in almost every walk of life.

Organizations have grown in rapid pace and there has been a gap in the demand and supply of talented manpower and also a shortage of skill sets to bridge this gap.

Academics alone has not been able to fulfill the demand created by this quantum growth add to this the non availability of good faculty to meet the demand for teaching and training.

It is only appropriate therefore that all concerned viz the governing bodies in Education, Industry, Human Resource Professionals, Leading Academic Institutions and Professors need to integrate with each other to fulfill these demands. Thus, creating value for institutions, students, industry and society at large.

E4 Development and Coaching Ltd. therefore, will dedicate itself to this cause by partnering various work study programs with colleges & corporates in order to create the above mentioned talent pool in India.

It goes without saying that all those concerned and connected with this development need to contribute their ideas, experience and resources to enable the same.

I take this opportunity to invite you to participate in helping us to achieve our purpose at E4. We will strive to achieve these objectives by bridging the gap between industry and academics and look forward for support from all of you.