Managerial Programs

E4 - Managerial Excellence Program

  • This Program has been designed exclusively for Regional Managers, Branch Managers and other Senior Managers with a minimum of 5 to 8 years of experience and who have been identified as high performers in the organization.
  • The purpose of the program is to identify and develop future leaders by conducting an assessment and development centre which is based on experiential learning accompanied by assignments that can be worked on and completed by the respective participant in specific time frames allotted to them.
  • The program deals with fundamental interpersonal skills and techniques necessary for Managers to perform their everyday activities with ease and excellence. The program teaches the art of coaching and mentoring, team building skills, counselling performance feedback, conducting interviews & meetings as well as all other business management concepts through lectures ,assignments and on to one coaching
  • The program also refreshes the concepts of management by offering a E4 Fast Track Business Management curriculum in the e learning format and consist of 14 subjects , 240 modules.

Program Design: One year

2 days Assessment Centre at the beginning of the program
12 days in a year for classroom learning and review held every alternate month.
E4 – Fast Track Business Management Course, E-learning based 14 subjects, 240 modules
No. of Participants: 16 to 20 participants
No. of Days: 1 year engagement with sessions every 2 months

E4 - Team Think Outdoor Games Workshop

  • Experiential Learning along with games has been very popular globally and is increasingly popular in India.
  • Outdoor games engage our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as well as our minds and offer an opportunity to add an element of fun, exhilaration and adventure to a training program.
  • Outdoor games change both awareness and behaviour by presenting learning opportunities that challenge trainee's assumptions and usual patterns of thought and behavior.

Key Learnings:

  • Vision and Strategy
  • Role clarity & Goal Setting
  • Planning & Organizing Ability
  • Team Co-ordination
  • Trust & Interdependence
  • Resource utilization & Lateral Thinking
  • Negotiation skills & Decision making
  • Achievement Orientation

No. of Participants: 40 to 60 participants
No. of Days: 1 ½ half day overnight Residential Workshop
No. of Days: 1 day Non Residential Workshop

E4 - First Time Managers Workshop

  • This program is aimed at those participants who need to be groomed as supervisors or have been promoted in their first managerial role.
  • Participants who have been extremely successful at their frontline work need to be trained on how to manage people when they assume a role of supervision for the first time.
  • Many successful workers do not become effective managers.
  • Hence this program builds the participants thinking capability and equips him / her to assume the new role and enable them to manage business and people effectively.

Key Learnings:

  • Role of a manager
  • Challenges faced by a first time manager
  • Behaviors required to be a successful first time manager
  • Reasons for Success or Failure of First Time Managers
  • What must a First Time Manager focus on to be successful
  • From Buddy to Boss
  • From Doing Things to Getting Things Done
  • Working with diversity

No. of Participants: 16 to 20 participants
No. of Days: 1 day

E4 - Management Trainee Induction Program

Residential Format

3 days Campus to Corporate Induction Program

  • Role clarity
  • Goal setting
  • Self awareness and interpersonal skills
  • Business communication basics
  • Grooming & Etiquette
  • Ethics values & culture
  • Outdoor games ‘Team think’ workshop

Batch Size : 20 to 40 participants

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